Address: Carrer de Correus, 8, 46002 València, Valencia
Visited on: 3 August 2020
Kitchen: Spanish, tapas

Vuelve Carolina is one of the four restaurants owned by chef Quique Dacosta in Valencia, alongside Mercatbar, Llisa Negra and two Michelin stars El Poblet. Vuelve Carolina and Mercatbar are the two more affordable ones of the four. I paid on average 10 euros more than I would normally do in Valencia. The food is a little bit more fancy, but also very delicious.

The first tapas we received were a trio de ostras and a ceviche. The oysters came in three flavours: spicy, tomato and turmeric. I got the turmeric one and it had a very unique taste. I am still not sure whether I like oysters, as they have a very slimy texture, but I thought the combination with the turmeric was really nice. The ceviche was of corvina fish and octopus with tiger's milk and red peppers. In a ceviche the raw fish is cured by the acidic juice of citrus. Tiger's milk is a sauce including lime juice, onions, chillies and juices from the fish. I really enjoyed this dish as it was acidic and spicy at the same time. There was also some crunchy corn in the bowl which was a really nice textural addition.

After the fish dishes we were served the croquetas and patata suflé. We actually ended up having two batches of croquettes because they were so good. In the first batch (not on the picture) we had two croquettes with mushroom and truffle and two with pork cheek and red curry. The spicy red curry ones were so good that we order them again (picture). The little potato packages with truffle on top were actually recommended to us by the waiter. We were told to eat them in one bite for the best experience. Texture wise they were really amazing. The outside was fried and really thin, while the inside was liquid. To me they tasted a lot like the Hamka's crisps by Lays you can get in the Netherlands, but then obviously so much more delicate and delicious.

The last thing we got before dessert were the tacos. There were three different tacos on the menu so we decided to order all three and share them. The one on top is a fish taco with a cream made of cumin and some peas. The one in the middle is a taco with meat from ribs, kimchee and red cabbage. The last one is with chicken tikka masala and an emulsion of turmeric. First of all, the tortillas themselves were really good. They are obviously made from scratch and they are very similar to the ones I had in Central America. Of the three tacos, the one with the meat was the clear winner for all of us. The meat was super tender and the spiciness of the kimchee was just perfect. The fish and chicken tacos weren't bad at all, but they didn't stood out to me.

For dessert we ordered the cookie gigante de chocolate. It was as big cookie yes, but it wasn't giant. I absolutely loved the taste of the cookie as it was a little bit salty. The cookie was also still slightly soft on the inside, which was really nice. The texture of the vanilla ice cream was really good and it was a nice addition to the cookie.

If you are a foodie like me and you don't mind spending a little bit more money I would definitely recommend going to Vuelve Carolina or Mercatbar. Their tapas is a little bit more sophisticated than normal, but also super delicious. Both restaurants also have set menus which is really nice if you don't like to choose yourself. ¡Hasta pronto!