Address: Carrer de la Corona, 8, 46003 València, Valencia
Visited on: 12 August 2020
Kitchen: Thai

Thai Mongkut is a Thai restaurant just a couple of streets from my house. I never knew I had a Thai so close to my house, otherwise I would have visited it way sooner. Not only is the restaurant hidden, also the big dining area in the place itself is hidden. You can only see two or three tables when you enter the restaurant, but after passing the bar and kitchen there is another area for diners. The place is decorated really beautiful, including wallpaper with monkeys and a lot of lamps on the ceiling.

There are so many great dishes on the menu that we couldn't choose. We picked three starters: poh piah de verduras, kai satee and langostino rebozado. They all looked amazing and tasted very good. The spring rolls were filled with vegetables and came with a sweet chili sauce. The prawns were coated with a coconut batter and were served with a sweet and sour sauce. Both dishes were nicely crispy and bigger than usually in a restaurant. I absolutely loved the satay dish. There was a pretty big amount of chicken on the skewers and the meat was marinated in a very delicious way. The peanut sauce had actually pieces of peanut in it, which was a nice textural addition.

I ordered the gaeng phad ped yang for my main, which is a red curry with duck, pepper, eggplant, basil, beans and red chili. My friends both ordered the pad thai with shrimp which you could spot in the background on the fourth picture. My curry was a little on the spicy side (1 pepper on the menu), so I was glad it was served with some white rice. I don't really have a high tolerance for spicy food, but the level of spiciness in this dish was perfect for me. The curry was creamy and balanced in a very nice way. Apart from the pepper and eggplant in the description on the menu, there were also some other vegetables in the curry like broccoli and corn. Because of this there wasn't a lot of duck in the curry, which was my only negative for this dish.

For dessert we decided to order the two most 'exotic' ones on the menu. Helado Mongkut and huevo de chocolate y mango. The first of the two was fried vanilla ice cream with a coconut layer on the outside. The coconut layer seemed a little bit on the thick side and because of this I think it wasn't as crispy and baked through as it should be. The ice cream itself had a good texture and a great taste. The second dish was a dessert made in the shape of an egg. The outside, the egg shell, was made from white chocolate. The 'egg white' was a thick cream, while the 'egg yolk' was a thin cream from mango. The dish as a whole was just too sweet for me. White chocolate is already very sweet on its own, so the sweetness of the mango cream only intensified that. Both dishes looked amazing, though, and the egg looked like an actual egg. They weren't bad, but I do think they were more theatre than substance.

If you are looking for a great Thai place in El Carmen in Valencia you should definitely consider Thai Mongkut. They have a lot of choices on their menu and the dishes look and taste amazing.