Address: Carrer dels Catalans, 8, 46001 València, Valencia
Visited on: 26 August 2020
Kitchen: vegetarian, fusion

Restaurante Oslo is a vegetarian restaurant in the centre of Valencia. I am not a vegetarian myself, but I don't mind skipping on meat or fish every once in a while. I cook vegetarian a lot at home as I usually don't crave a piece of meat or fish. In my opinion you can make a lot of delicious dishes without meat or fish. This was my first time visiting this restaurant, but I have been to Restaurante Copenhagen before in Valencia, which is/was part of the same chain. The style of food is fusion, so you can find lots of different types of dishes on the menu, like tapas, hamburgers, tacos and noodles.

We shared three starters among the four of us: envoltini de berenjena, croquetas de gorgonzola and ragú de portobello y shititake. The first of the three were rolls of eggplant with a dried tomato sauce and smoked scamorza cheese. Eggplants are probably my favourite vegetables, so any dish with them tastes good to me, especially when they are grilled. The second starter were croquettes with gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, figs and a cream of lime. They were absolutely delicious and I would definitely order them again if I return. The taste of the blue cheese was not too overwhelming, so even people who are not a fan of those kind of cheeses will probably like them. The third dish was a very crunchy pastry topped with different types of glazed mushrooms. I have mixed feelings about this one. The pastry was really good, but the mushrooms tasted a little bland to me. Together it ate pretty well, but when I tasted the mushrooms without the pastry I didn't like them so much.

For our mains we all chose the musaca de berenjena, which in this restaurant is a vegetarian version of an eggplant moussaka. Again, I absolutely love eggplant, so for me this was the best choice on the menu. The eggplant slices were placed on top of some baked banana slices, which seemed very original to me. The sweetness of the banana paired really well with the rest of the dish. There was also a romesco sauce, a chestnut bechamel sauce, a bolognese made from quorn and some grated vegan cheese. All of the components in this dish paired really well together and the seasoning was also on point. The quorn mince had the same texture as minced meat, but it did tasted a little different. For me this wasn't a problem, but I can imagine other non-vegetarians could be craving for the 'real thing'.

For dessert we went for the tarta de queso y té matcha, a cheesecake from matcha tea on a chocolate biscuit bottom served with strawberries. Matcha is a very strong flavour, but I think they managed to add the right amount of it in this cheesecake. The chocolate bottom was really nice and paired really well with the flavour of matcha. The cream was a little bit too dense for me, I prefer a more fluffy version than this one. I thought this dessert was truly interesting and like always, I loved that it wasn't too sweet.

If you are a vegetarian or if you are not afraid to eat vegetarian food, I would recommend visiting this restaurant. There are so many different dishes to choose from and some of them are pretty original. The service in the restaurant was also really good, so nothing to complain about.