Address: Carrer de l'Hedra, 5, 46001 València, Valencia
Visited on: 29 July 2020
Kitchen: Italian

Le Favole is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Valencia. The food is amazing and the service is really good. Also, they have the best seafood pasta I have tasted in Valencia. The restaurant has a very modern interior design and a semi-open kitchen were you can see the amazing pizza oven. They also have a restaurant at patacona beach in Valencia: Le Favole Beach.

Like always we ordered the parmigiana to share as a starter. This time I was a little disappointed though. It wasn't bad, but I felt it was too heavy on basil. What I normally love about this dish is that there is a perfect balance between the eggplant, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, but now that balance was a little off. Hopefully this was a one off and next time it will be back to awesome again.

Normally I would order the seafood pasta as a main, the linguine frutti di mare, but I was really craving for pizza this time. Luckily my friend did order it so I took a picture of it anyway (right picture). This seafood pasta is simply amazing. The taste of the tomato sauce is fantastic and there is a good amount of seafood on top.

I went for the calabrese pizza myself, which is topped with a tomato sauce, spicy salami, grilled bell pepper and pistachio pesto. This combination is absolutely delicious. All of the pizzas at Le Favole have a traditional thin crust, like it should. I love to eat with my hands so the only downside of this pizza is that the bottom becomes soggy because of the grease of the toppings. It was still worth it though!

For dessert we shared an amazing cannolo siciliano. A cannolo is a fried pastry dough filled with a sweet ricotta cream. I really like the one they serve at Le Favole as the cream is not too sweet and the texture is great. Also the pastry, with chocolate on the inside, is very crunchy. The only thing I don't like and don't eat is the candied fruit on one side of the cannolo.

If you find yourself in Valencia and you are craving for Italian food I would definitely recommend going to Le Favole. Whether you are a pizza or pasta person, they will have some amazing, delicious choices. They also have a great range of desserts to choose from. I can't wait to come back and eat the seafood pasta again. Arrivederci!