Address: Plaça de Mossén Sorell, 11, 46003 Valencia
Visited on: 7 August 2020
Kitchen: Spanish, tapas

La Rentaora is one of my favourite places in Valencia to eat tapas. This little authentic tapas bar doesn't have a lot of tables, but the atmosphere here is truly great. The place is always packed, so you either need to reserve or arrive early to get a table. The food they serve is simple, affordable, but also really delicious. They also have a lot of options on their menu to choose from. On top of that, the service is always amazing. They are super friendly, efficient and can help you choose if you are indecisive. It also helps that this little gem is just a three-minute walk away from my apartment.

We ordered six different tapas dishes and a dessert. First we had a salad of spinach, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, bacon and a balsamic dressing. Kind of straightforward, but it nonetheless tasted great. Normally I would have liked the bacon to be a bit more crisp, but it didn't bother me this time. The second tapa we got served was also very simple: tortilla chips with guacamole. The guacamole was pleasantly creamy and had a nice hint of lime in it.

Next we had two hot dishes: rillettes de pato and pulpo. The duck dish at La Rentaora is simply amazing and I always order it whenever I'm at this restaurant. The shredded duck meat is slow cooked in fat which may not make this dish the most healthy choice, but I honestly don't care as it is super tasty. The second hot dish is a typical tapas dish you can find on almost every tapas menu in Spain. It contains potato slices topped with octopus, paprika and other herbs. I am not a big octopus fan myself, but my dinner company here in Valencia always love it.

As we still craved some food after those four dishes, we ordered some manchego cheese and toasted bread with cream cheese and grilled vegetables. The manchego at La Rentaora is excellent as it is quite buttery. It turned out to be a little bit too much though! The bread was also pretty nice, but I would have preferred a little bit more of the vegetable mixture so the cream cheese would have been a little less overpowering.

For dessert we went for the cheesecake with blueberries. I think this dessert is really great as the cheesecake itself isn't sweet at all. The sweetness in this dish comes from the fruit on top. Further, the crust is nicely crumbly and the cream cheese is silky smooth.

If you want to eat some delicious, authentic tapas in Valencia, La Rentaora is the place to be. They have so many more choices on their menu, and as I have already tried a couple of them I can tell you they are all just as nice as the ones in this review.