Address: Carrer de Mossèn Femenia, 6, 46006 València, Valencia
Visited on: 10 July 2020
Kitchen: Mexican

I am a huge, huge fan of Mexican food, but I find it hard to find a good Mexican restaurant in Valencia. Luckily, La Chingada turned out to be one of the better ones I have tried over here. Before we even ordered any food I thought it was a smart idea to drink a daiquiri cocktail on an empty stomach... not! This cocktail was una bomba as there was a decent amount of rum in there. I was so happy when the nachos arrived, well... I would have been happy anyways because it's food! The nachos we ordered were actually a small portion. Can you imagine the big version of this? Corn tortilla chips were topped with cream, cheese, avocado, refried black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole and shredded beef, and they were delicious! The other starter we chose were tamales, a dish made from corn dough, filled with cheese and steamed in a banana leaf. They were OK, but nothing special in my opinion.

The main dish was tinga de pollo: shredded chicken with tomato sauce, chipotle chilis, onion and garlic. They were served with some wheat tortillas. When I got home I found out that we also could have asked for corn tortillas, which are so much better in my opinion. Nevertheless, I really liked this dish. The flavours of the chicken with the sauce were really good and it had just the right amount of spiciness. However, I would have like to see it served with something more, such as avocado, cream or beans.

For dessert we shared again, this time a burrito dulce and a tarta tres leches. The sweet burrito was coated with cinnamon, filled with a cream from caramelized apple and served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. This was very delicious and my favourite of the two desserts. Tarta tres leches is a fluffy and juicy sponge cake made with condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream. This was a better version of the tres leches dessert I had at Venezuelan restaurant Bienmesabe two weeks earlier.

I definitely want to go back to La Chingada to try some other dishes, because I think there are potentially better ones on the menu to choose from. The tamales weren't the best choice and I would for sure ask for corn tortillas the next time. ¡Hasta pronto!