Address: Av. d'Aragó, 28, 46021 València, Valencia
Visited on: 24 June 2020
Kitchen: Venezuelan

Almost two weeks ago I went for dinner at Bienmesabe, a Venezuelan restaurant in Mestalla in Valencia. As you can see on the pictures almost everything was fried so this was definitely a cheat meal! The restaurant is not that big, but it looks really nice inside. The service was great. We were informed about the quantity of the food, the types of food and we were given some recommendations.

As a starter we got tequeños with a garlic sauce. Tequeños are a popular snack in Venezuela and you can describe them as fried breaded cheese sticks. The dough actually tasted like croissant which gave it a little bit of a sweet taste. I absolutely love cheese, so for me this starter was a success.

For the main we shared a big platter of Venezuelan snacks, the Bandeja Venezolana Aniversario, which included:

  • Three empanadas - one with meat, one with cheese and one with chicken
  • Three arepas - flat, round patties of maize dough
  • Two patacones - fried plantain slices topped with chicken and avocado
  • Two tequeños - fried breaded cheese sticks
  • Two maize croquettes
  • Two tostones - fried plantain slices topped with cheese
  • 10 mini cachapas - little maize pancakes
  • Shredded beef, shredded chicken and black beans
  • Cream and garlic sauces

I really like food platters. You can try so many different types of food and it looks so nice. We were told to eat the mini cachapas topped with the beef, chicken and/or beans. I love to build my own food and the combination turned out to be really great. The shredded beef reminded me a lot of goulash, but it was very tasty. The arepas were a little on the dry side so these were my less favourite ones of the platter. It has to be said though, almost everything was fried plantain/maize so at the end everything started to taste the same to me. Maybe in combination with something fresh it would have been less of a problem.

For dessert we decided to share two different ones: Tres Leches and Bienmesabe. I have become accustomed to sharing desserts in Spain. People in Spain love to share their food and for me it works really well as I don't have to finish a dessert by myself (not a sweet tooth). I absolutely loved the Tres Leches dessert which is a sponge soaked in three different types of milk (evaporated, condensed, cream), topped with more cream and cinnamon. The Bienmesabe dessert was a cake with coconut cream and a lot of shaved coconut on top. For me this was just too much of coconut and I would have preferred a combination with other flavours.

This restaurant is really nice if you want to try some Venezuelan food. The service is great and the prices are amazing. Not the healthiest choice though ;)